The World Wide Web is Coming of Age

A panel discussion at the first
WWW conference. Kevin Altis,
Dave Raggett, Rick Rodgers, ©W3C.

18 years ago today, the very first World Wide Web Conference started with a Welcome Receiption at the restaurant of CERN at Geneva, the European laboratory for particle physics, where the Web also started a few years earlier. The Web (or W3 as they also called it those days) was still some kind of project, but everyone of the 380 participants at the conference knew that they now were taking part in something that could change the internet as we knew it before. For the most part, participants were from the academic community, from institutions such as the World Meteorological Organization, the International Center for Theoretical Physics, etc. By that time, the Web was so new and rapidly developing that they decided to continue with 2 conferences per year, the 2nd in autumn 1994 in Chicago (USA) and the 3rd in Spring 1995 in Darmstadt (Germany).

At yovisto, we have some footage video material from the 20th anniversary of the Creation of the World Wide Web.

Tere are also some interesting talks of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the WWW, on the Web in General, the future of the Web (Semantic Web), and the Web of Data.

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