The Flaked Cereal turns 128 – thanks to John H. Kellogg

John Harvey Kellogg
1852 – 1943

On May 31, 1884, the health-food fanatic John Harvey Kellogg patented his ‘flaked cereal’ during his time as the superintendent of the ‘Battle Creek Sanitarium‘ in Michigan.

During all his lifetime, the medical doctor John Harvey Kellogg focused on nutrition and used to be a strict vegetarian himself. Through his work at the sanitarium, he offered classes on healthy food preparation and was an advocate of enemas and strict diets favoring low-protein, and high-fiber foods. To his notable patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium belonged Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. As part of the strict diets in the sanitarium, John Harvey Kellogg used the recipes, which have been developed by Seventh-day Adventists in the 19th century. By accident, J. H. Kellogg and his brother Will K. Kellogg, who was also working at the sanitarium, discovered the first version of the corn flakes, which they started serving to their patients. After a big success of the new food in the sanitarium, W. K. Kellogg decided to mass-market it and founded the company ‘Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company’. The fact that he added sugar to the flakes to increase the sales rate caused trouble with his brother John, it even led to many court fights about the rights to the cereal recipes and they never found a way to get along again.

At Yovisto , you can watch a lecture given by Paul Giem at the ‘Sabbath School’ about John Harvey Kellogg and Ellen White. Together they started a health food revolution creating their own health principles, which were also enforced at the ‘Battle Creek Sanitarium’.

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