Henry Rawlinson and the Mesopotamian Cuneiform

On April 11, 1810, British East India Company army officer, politician and Orientalist Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson was born. As an army officer, became interested in antiquities after his assignment to reorganize the Persian army. He accomplished the translation of the Old Persian portion of the trilingual mutilingual cuneiform inscription of Darius I on the hillside at Behistun, Iran, which provided the key to the deciphering of Mesopotamian cuneiform script. Henry Rawlinson – Early Years Rawlinson was born in Chadlington, Oxfordshire, England, the second son of Abram Tyack Rawlinson, and elder brother of the historian George Rawlinson. In 1827 he … Continue reading Henry Rawlinson and the Mesopotamian Cuneiform