Happy New Year 2018

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Dear Readers of SciHi Blog,

Since 2012 we are now publishing articles about people and events related to science, technology, history, and art. More than 2,100 articles are already posted, and it has become more and more difficult to find another important scientist, artist, or event related to the current day. Of course we could go on and find more, but with less famous people also research about their life besides the mere contribution to science, technology, art, or history, becomes more and more expensive.

Therefore, we have decided to continue in the following way: Nevertheless, we will continue to issue a daily blog post. But, we will focus on (a) the few famous and important biographies and events that are still missing, while (b) reissuing and complementing already existing early blog posts to live up to the current standard that we have reached after five years of operations.

This includes, as e.g., more links to external sources and references, more visualizations via Wikidata, more semantic annotations, more videos from various sources, and – most importantly – more (referenced) content. And if yo think, we have neglected an important person or event from science, technology, arts, as well as history, please tell us! Your help is highly appreciated. Get in touch and follow us on twitter [1]!

However, as you might know, we are fond of the existing semantic annotation embedded as RDFa in the web pages and visualized via our free WordPress plugin refer [2]. We will continue to annotate all articles with URIs from the DBpedia knowledge base. Also, we will link articles to their according Wikidata entities, which enable the inclusion of dynamically generated content and visualizations, such as timelines, maps, or other kind of diagrams.

If you think, the Wikidata based visualizations contain to little information, please help us to complement the missing facts by becoming a Wikidata author. At Wikidata [3] you might contribute new facts in the same way as in other Wikimedia projects, as e.g. Wikipedia. You will find more information on how to contribute to Wikidata here [4].

For now, we would like to say thank you to all our readers and fans. We are wishing you all the best for the New Year 2018!

Via the yovisto academic search engine, please enjoy the one and only John Cleese, with “The Scientist at Work”

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